Hi! I’m Jess. I am a teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am particularly interested in issues of social justice, democracy and citizenship and how they apply to my work with young children and their families.

I take inspiration from the work of the teachers in Reggio Emilia and use their example to help me wrestle with educations big questions. For example what does social justice education look like in practice?  Guy Claxton and Carol Dwek are my educational guru’s and I believe right now it is a very exciting time to be in education.  I love to share my thoughts and ideas through writing, drawing and best of all through good conversations.

My newest obsession is with the brain. How does it work?  How can we use this information to face life’s challenges?  How can the mind and body work together to reach self actualization? (And what is self actualization anyway?) Food for thought… and speaking of food what relationship do nutrition and physical activity have to mental health and does any of this have any baring on education? That’s already a lot of ideas to explore and hopefully this is the blog to do it.

2 thoughts on “About…

  1. Thanks for your comment! I imagine your PhD will be very beneficial to a number of people, if you do it in the area of social justice and education. I have recently been looking into inclusive education and other concerns and came across this http://ecl.sagepub.com/content/13/2/175 which also draws on Reggio Emilia. I hope you have a good PhD experience.

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