Learning Stories: Not only for under fives…

Today I attended the Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2016 put on by ELP.  It was great to take some time with a couple of my teammates to really think about learning stories and the impact they can have / are having around the world.  For a small country like New Zealand, it is really fantastic the impact we are having on the world stage.  During Wendy Lee’s Keynote presentation she talked about how early childhood teachers in America are using learning stories to provide evidence of their children meeting the many developmental milestones they need to assess.  Later on in the same presentation she mentioned another teacher from Germany,  who once she retired, worked with refugees.  This teacher began writing learning stories for the refugees she was working with.  The example shown was of a seventeen year old boy.  These two different elements of the presentation have come together in my mind to form and idea/ plan.  Here is my thinking…

  1. I can use learning stories to document the meeting of check list type criteria in a meaningful way.
  2. Learning stories do not have to be reserved only for assessing children’s learning.
  3. As a leader I have to assess people based on check list type criteria.
  4. I can use learning stories for this purpose!

I have a student teacher right now who I can test this idea out with!  I can’t wait to get started on Monday.  I love how attending Professional Development can shake things up in your mind and allow new ideas to form.  Thanks ELP.


2 thoughts on “Learning Stories: Not only for under fives…

  1. I am currently writing a ‘teaching story’ for an assignment… pretty much a learning story about my own practice. An interesting way to reflect on my own practice…

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