Family Play focus…

This morning I am excited to arrive at work and get stuck in to the family play space!  We have been collecting so many recycled materials (me especially, I have been cleaning out my Nespresso capsules) that the time feels right to bring these resources into the family play space.  I have always loved having these types of resources in the area as the children love tipping and pouring and sorting the materials.  We have had broken clay and shells and bottle tops there already, but as with anything, the resources slowly disappear or get broken and not replaced.  I suppose now we have reached a point where the area needs some reviving and today is the day!

Before Pic…


Drawing on my less is more motto, I cleared away some clutter and did a bit of organising.  Probably took all of 10mins to sort out.

After Pics…

IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1296

Not too shabby.  Having made the changes I can see that we are in desperate need of some shells, to make the space look lush and inviting.  After all there are only so many ways you can organise or categorize 4 shells.

I can’t wait to see what the children do with the egg cartons.  I am thinking they will use them to organise and display different materials, but I will have to wait until after nap time to find out as everyone is currently asleep!  I think the Nespresso capsules look awesome too.  So many bright colours, very attractive, and they squash in a most satisfying way!  I am hoping the children will be drawn to the family play space to engage in some exciting work.  It just reminds me of the importance of refreshing areas regularly.




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