Happy Year of the Horse!

The day has finally arrived!  It is Chinese New Year and all of our plans have come of swimmingly!  I am so happy!  We started off by decorating our room…

Next we asked everyone to help us celebrate by wearing red clothing.  We have also prepared a special menu for the day.  We enjoyed yummy dumplings for morning tea, then we cooked up a whole fish and ate that with rice for lunch!  Yum yum.  Finally we baked our own version of moon cakes for afternoon tea.  I love embracing different cultures through their foods, delicious!

Lastly we will hand out our red envelopes for the children to take home and enjoy.  What a fantastic, fun day!  It has felt really exciting and like a proper celebration.  I love it!


2 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Horse!

  1. What a great way to celebrate Chinese New Years! I wish I was there for the preparations and feasts!how I miss susanti’s dumplings. And Jess,you are lookig fantastic!you have toned up and must have lost a lot of weight!

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