Soon to be, the year of the horse…

Finally we are out the other end of the Christmas holidays, but that doesn’t mean the party stops!  In just a couple of weeks it will be Chinese new year and we are definitely  in the mood to celebrate, after all, to our Chinese families Chinese New Year is as important as Christmas is to us.  Who’s looking forward to a red envelope?  I may even make them for my family this year.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a few surprise extra dollars?

Well we have finalized our plans and we intend to dress up in red clothing for New Year’s Day and enjoy a variety of traditional Chinese food (dumplings, fish, moon cakes). We will also read Chinese themed picture books and watch the Lion dance on YouTube. Between now and then we have lots of decorating to do. Red, red, red everywhere! We have also added Chinese style dishes and chopsticks to our family play space for the children to get into.

The coolest part will be the red envelopes which one of our parents has volunteered to make. We will fill them with chocolate gold coins and send them home on New Year’s Day. Awesome! I can’t wait to share some pics with you after the event!

These are some stamps I received as a wedding gift many years ago. They have been a great conversation starting point with families and the children love the weighty feel of the stamps in their hands.


2 thoughts on “Soon to be, the year of the horse…

  1. What a great way to start the Chinese New Year!im definitely jealous of the party food you will be having. I’m looking at making red envelops for my class and putting chocolate coins there too for the children to take home. Thanks for all the ideas your post had given me,Jess.

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