21 Days to change a habit…


Just recently I have been feeling crazy busy, but not like I have been actually moving towards my goals. As a working parent, there is ALWAYS something that needs doing (like cleaning something or feeding someone… it is never ending and it starts all over again everyday).  Once I recognised how I was feeling and the horrible treadmill I was on, I thought about some of the blogs I have been reading (The Minimalists and Gretchen Rubin).  I remembered that everyone gets the same 24hrs and not having enough time is not an excuse.  I hate getting out of bed in the morning, mostly because I know as soon as I get up, I will have to start doing chores.  So, I have been choosing to stay in bed until the last possible moment (and sometimes beyond) and then doing everything in a frenzy.  It worked for me in a way, but I was not getting in any Jess time, and not working towards my goals (research proposal! – no research proposal equals no enrollment).  If I am truly serious about getting back into study then something would have to change and the only thing available for change was my sleep.  I went online and searched up how much sleep I should be getting as an adult (7-9 hrs) and figured out my ideal bed time and get up time (11pm and 6am).  It equals the minimum amount of sleep, but oh well, if it doesn’t work out I can always change it.  So for the last two weeks (this is Friday of week 2) I have been getting up at 6am, doing all my morning chores and then taking an hour of Jess time to work on Jess stuff (Blogging for example).  What I have found so far is that the hardest part is the getting up and if I make my bed and open the curtains it feels a bit easier.  Also all the 1hr time slots I have been getting add up, and I am getting some great thoughtful work done.  Lastly I have found that I have a great feeling of satisfaction and energy that comes from having done something which is important to me that lasts me the whole day.  I go to work with a great attitude and get lots of cool stuff done there too!  Check out some of the awesome art work the children have been doing.  Just spectacular!

So all in all I am very happy.  It still feels like a challenge but according to the experts it takes 21 days to change a habit and today is day 12 so who knows who I will feel by day 21.  Anyway I am sure I will of got lots of work done!