Back to work…

So, November is nearly at an end and the universities and institutions of higher learning are all vying for our attention, our enrollment and ultimately our tuition dollars. I finished my Masters degree in January and have not thought too much about study since then. However, I am beginning to feel a sense of unease. A slow burning in my tummy that tells me now is the time to get ready if I want to start my PhD journey at the beginning of the new year. (I am not sure why I feel such a sense of urgency as with PhD study I could choose to start study whenever I feel like it. I guess I feel like it now.)

To begin my preparation I have downloaded the outline for an initial research proposal which I will need to submit before enrolling. Very tough when you no longer have access to the university library. I am working on enrolling at Auckland University. I have done all my other study there and it is the highest ranked university in the whole of New Zealand. I am not sure if this is a good choice as I have not really looked at my other options. (Any feedback about other institutions is most welcome especially if they allow distance learning.)

The broad topic I want to study is motivation. Specifically what motivates people to work collaboratively? Or to consider the well being of others? I am looking forward to lots and lots of reading about and around the topic. Good thing I love to read.

Once that work is done I will have I wait and see if I am accepted. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Back to work…

  1. I love the topic. Best of luck with your research proposal. And if you do find some interesting reads,you know my email add šŸ™‚

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