Values wrap up…

So… now it is November and my October challenge is over. The challenge was to capture the values of the classroom in image form with maybe a caption to explain it. However looking back over the images I noticed I am not one for captions. Oh well. I am sure no one is too upset or disappointed. In general I think the challenge was a success. I began to really look out for and consider what values were present in the classroom and also in my own teaching practice. The photos have also come together beautifully to create an engaging piece of documentation. The children have been really into it, pointing to themselves and their friends and saying each others names. There in one photo (my favourite – value compassion) of a little boy crying and being comforted by his best friend and that photo is that little boys favourite, the photo of himself crying and getting a cuddle. It blows my mind how that little boy, less than 2 years old, can see the value and perhaps even the beauty in the image of himself being comforted by a friend. For me, documentation is successful if people engage with it, especially the children, so I am naturally thrilled by all the attention it is getting. So… will there be a November challenge? For sure! This time round I want to do some more writing, so I have decided to challenge myself to write a short opinion piece once a week about something education or childhood related, who knows! I already have a good idea, I want to share with you later on today. Exciting times!



2 thoughts on “Values wrap up…

  1. Love the new challenge Jess!I’ll join in on it but mine would be about travellin,people and cultures. Can’t wait to read your first piece.

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