Provocation Seventeen

Today we were very lucky to get some beautiful sunshine so I thought an outside provocation was in order. I packed up some clay and brought it (along with the children) to the local park/playground.
We started working with the clay by poking objects into it, bark, leaves, daisies, and found objects. One particular little girl seemed to really enjoy pressing down the objects and then using her fingertips to try and remove them. We probably spent fifteen minutes working with the clay before the allure of the playground became too much and we spent the rest of our time exercising our bodies on the slide and the swings. This must of been hard work as the children fell fast asleep snuggled up with their teachers on the swings. It was a very peaceful loving moment between child and teacher, which also has a valued place in our education focused centre.
It was great to get back into the park and I am now considering how we can leave some kind of mark or impression on the park which shows our presence there or celebrates our relationship with the park. So far I am thinking painted flags or banners hung from the branches of the trees. Or, we could fire up some of the children’s clay work and dangle them form the trees akin to Christmas tree decorations. I can just envision the community using the park and coming across little objects of surprise and wonder. It could be our gift back to the park spreading a little joy in our community. It could be very cool.






Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about an instillation in the park? I would love to hear them! Please share in the comments section below. Thanks!


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