Provocation Sixteen

Late this afternoon I slapped a Tupperware of rice with some cups and spoons on the table and told the children to have at it. The children are super interested in working with tools at the moment and this really sparked their interest. Philosophically I don’t like playing with food, but today was my exception. I had cooked the rice and it tasted horrible. I even tried it twice but with no joy so instead of throwing it in the bin I brought it in to the children. As it all happened so quickly I do not have any photos of the provocation from before the children started working. However some kind parents have allowed me to share some of the photos I took. Check out the cool play.



Now for the controversy… During the course of the play most of the children explored the rice with their mouths. This is pretty typical for this age group however you could say it was encouraged by presenting rice (food) alongside spoons (a tool for for eating food). You could argue that it was not a good provocation to set, however I believe I could of set up anything with spoons and the children still would of used their mouths. Developmentally appropriate? What are your thoughts? Do you use food as a play resource? Why? Why not? How about eating tools?
I can’t wait to hear what you think in the comments section below. Thanks!


What do you think?

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