Provocation Twelve

Today is another double whammy. Sometimes when I reset our classroom at the end of the day, one provocation just isn’t enough! Today I set up clay with a range of natural and recycled materials for the children to use as tools for impressions and mark making. It looked cool to me, so I gave it a go as a bit a suggestion, to show the children what could be possible with the materials on offer.

It was very interesting and a bit surprising to see what object made what mark. Having done my own impressions I thought a magnifying glass could be used to take a closer look at the impressions and so I added this to the provocation. After all, children can’t use what isn’t there. Here is a closer look at the recycled and natural materials on offer for the children to use.

I can’t wait to see what the children will do with this tomorrow morning! We are lucky enough to have access to a kiln so perhaps some of the children’s work could be fired as an artifact of their creative explorations?

My second provocation revisits Provocation Eight. Some work has been done on the collage between then and now, including the addition of more paint and some natural materials.

This time I have presented a range of different materials (yarn, felt, foil and translucent paper) in primary colours for the children to explore. I think this will really add some depth to the collage and prepare the work for the addition of some other mediums, maybe pastel? Yet again I will have to see what the children make of it when I arrive in the classroom tomorrow morning. Until then I would love to hear any of your thoughts, ideas or questions in the comments section below. Thanks!


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