Provocation eight

Today we did a big spring clean of all our wall documentation, and me being me, that also meant a bit of furniture rearranging. I feel fantastic about how fresh and clean our classroom environment is now looking! However, all that big picture environment stuff sapped all my provocation energy and it wasn’t until 5.15pm this evening that I took some time out to create something special for the children.
I love collaborative art when working with very young children (toddlers). The children themselves are not very concerned with possession of the work and everyone seems content with adding their two cents over the course of a morning, a day, a week, or beyond. Collage particularly seems to hold the children’s attention for a sustained amount of time and there is the added bonus of plenty of re-visiting opportunities. For example, once the work is dry, we could use pastels over the top, or perhaps dried leaves and flowers? We could also layer the collage with transparent tissue paper or cellophane to add extra depth and interest. The possibilities truly are endless and it all starts here, with this little provocation.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions or questions in the comments section below.




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