Anzac Day part two

So, Anzac Day has now passed and maybe you were wondering how we got on with our trip to the Navy museum. Well, the short answer is, I think it was the coolest trip I have ever organised as a teacher. I really hope to do it all again next year. The photos above show the wonderful Koha (gift) we took with us to show our appreciation. The children and families really got behind the idea of baking Anzac biscuits and we probably took over 100 biscuits with us to the Navy museum. The cupcakes and biscuits were of course very well received.

After we had presented our Koha, we were able to bring our wreath and place it in the room of remembrance. This was a special place in the museum where people could place a poppy in rememberance of someone who had lost their life to war. Our wreath was placed overlooking the field of poppies to be seen by hundreds of poeple as they came through the Navy museum on Anzac Day.

With that done, we moved on to making our own poppies to add to the field, each poppy representing one person. The children and teachers enjoyed the hands on work and we were able to contribute half a dozen poppies to the field. It was heart warming to watch the children climb into the field and plant their poppies.

Next we were free to explore the museum, we tried on different uniforms, turned wheels and pulled leavers. Before we knew it, it was 11.15am and we really should of left 15mins ago! As we were making our way towards the exit we were lucky enough to meet the museum’s director, who came to personally thank us for our gifts. I felt both proud and humbled by his sincere gratitude. I really felt like our efforts we appreciated and meant something.

I am very pleased that we made the effort to acknowledge Anzac Day in a special way. Getting involved in something beyond ourselves brings our children and therefore childhood itself into the public eye. As a group, infants and toddlers contribute much to society, and I know for sure the staff at the Navy museum were grateful for the work we did with our children surrounding Anzac Day.


2 thoughts on “Anzac Day part two

  1. Hi Jess, thanks for sharing you learning expereinces with us!. You are an amazing educator and your chlldren are extremly lucky to have you in their lives.

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