The beginnings of an idea

Here is a thought by S. Brian Willson which has really caught my attention.

“A life defined by sustainability is a life more or less permanently able to perpetuate itself, generation after generation. Perhaps if we choose to recover our senses, we will recognize the basic requirements for survival, with dignity, tapping into our deepest evolutionary mechanisms”.

I am very interested in the idea of sustainability and how I can learn to ‘tread more lightly’ on the earth. However the more important idea to me right now is that of dignity.

What does that mean?

How does the idea of dignity apply to my work with children?

Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “The beginnings of an idea

  1. Great topic, Jess! I am all about sustainability and trying to avoid consumerism atm. When it comes to dignity, I would define it as your principles,actions and words that make you feel proud as a human. For me, dignity would be leaving a legacy that the generations ahead of you could not help but embody,spread word of and be proud of too. I could be way off topic…?

    • Thanks for the comment Marjorie! You are completely on topic. I really love how you have defined dignity. Here is a bit more from Willson I think you might like.

      “After spending significant time in Nicaragua, I realised that a whole different way of life was possible than the one into which I had been born. We didn’t have to spend all of our time getting more and more. Life was actually fuller and richer when lived simpler and slower. The campesinos (farmers) in Nicaragua were poor -unfairly poor- but their goal in life was not to become rich… Community and extended family were much more important than individual wealth. Preserving their dignity was more important to them than living a long life”.

What do you think?

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